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LabyMod VoiceChat

3D Surround

With full surround sound from the voice chat, Multiplayer Minecraft is taken to the next level. Just like in real-life™ - you can only hear people next to you.

This creates a whole new experience of interaction on online servers! It also works great for interacting with youtubers and streamers.

LabyMod VoiceChat

Adventures with friends

The voice chat lets you start a new adventure with your friends without having to worry about your own Discord or Teamspeak server.

Just meet up in your own world to talk to your friends.

LabyMod VoiceChat

Gratis pentru toată lumea - oriunde

The voice chat addon is free to use for all LabyMod players. It works on every Minecraft server. You can hang out with your friends on a private world or go visit popular servers to meet new people.

LabyMod VoiceChat

One-click Install

To use the voice chat, you need to have LabyMod installed and then install the Addon from within the game in the LabyMod settings. You can then start talking using the default V keybinding.

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