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Server folder

2024-01-29 18:45:43
Approved by
12 Votes
  • Add drag and drop for sorting servers. Add an option to deactivate the standard sorting arrows.
  • When you drag a server to another server, a folder will be created. The folder takes up the space that a single server would normally use and shows a preview of the servers that are in it.
  • If you click on this folder, it opens (in a popup?) and shows the servers it contains.
  • The folders can be colored and named.

splitup splitup Server Tabs 2023-12-29 23:11:55


  • splitup
    2024-03-18 21:55:45

    Okay, but why is my post, the original one a duplicate of the newer idea?

  • Corvonn
    2024-03-19 16:27:36

    We worked through your idea again in the responsible team and then merged it with other ideas. To make it easier for the developers to understand what they need to do in such cases, we often summarize this in a new idea and mark all ideas that we have used as grouped duplicates.
    However, your idea will still be fully credited for the bughuntercosmetic if the suggestion has been implemented.

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