Server partner

Are you an owner (or leading member) of a Minecraft server? Apply as a LabyMod partner now and benefit from many advantages!

  • Free Cosmetics & Emotes for the server team
  • Highlighted in the LabyMod server list
  • Create giveaways for your community
  • Access to the Partner Discord
  • Direct contact with our developers and help with the integration of our server API

Content Creator

Are you a YouTuber or Streamer who likes to play with LabyMod in your videos/streams? Perfect! Apply now as a LabyMod partner and benefit from different advantages depending on the range of your LabyMod account and earn money with our affiliate program!

  • Affiliate program
  • Create giveaways for your community
  • Free Cosmetics & Emotes
  • Access to the Partner Discord

Encourage your stream viewers

Streaming overlay

With the streaming embed you can display all partner item purchases or uses of your referral code in real time within your stream to encourage your viewers to engage with LabyMod.

Streaming overlay in OBS

Commission program

Get paid as a partner!

If you are in our commission program, you can get a share when your viewers shop with us! Apply as a partner today - maybe you will earn money with LabyMod tomorrow!

For your subscribers

Membership integration

In our partner program you have the possibility to offer your Twitch subscribers or YouTube members individual advantages (for example sprays)

Available for YouTube Available for Twitch