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Modern Keybind Handling

2022-12-25 23:17:45
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8 Votes

It would be nice to have Modern Keybind Handling available to activate in the client.

Example (to show which feature I mean) : If you're walking and you open your inventory, you normally have to press w again after closing it. But with Modern Keybind Handling you can keep pressing w while being in the inventory and you automatically walk again after closing the inv (as long as you're still pressing w). It's useful for timing in Jump n Run and for PVP to have a smooth gameplay.

Operating System: Windows 10
LabyMod Version: s80/556cc7
Minecraft Version: 1.8.9
Installed Addons: Optifine


Bradenton Bradenton Modern Keybind Handling 2023-11-26 13:29:14
PanAGIDA PanAGIDA Modern keybind helding 2023-03-27 21:06:03
shiov shiov modern keys 2023-03-26 16:01:50


  • Profxy
    2022-12-27 11:26:33

    I think it's already implemented: https://youtu.be/tYxVGJhl8Zc

  • Maelli
    2022-12-27 12:23:20

    okay thank you, maybe it‘s new or it wasn‘t working for me that day :)

  • Wector11211
    2022-12-28 21:52:03

    @Profxy, apparently you're on a newer version where such a bug is fixed, but in 1.8.9 Labymod 4 the bug is still the case.

  • Wector11211
    2022-12-28 21:52:40

    @Maelli, there is Focus Movement addon for Labymod 3, expect to have a similar one for Labymod 4 too

  • Ludgerr
    2023-12-13 12:05:28

    Sorry if i comment on this dead suggestion saw this youtube link https://youtu.be/tYxVGJhl8Zc with labymod using modern keybinds i hope its in labymod 4 tho i cant find any resamblance
    where can i find it?

  • Wector11211
    2023-12-13 17:34:44

    @Ludgerr this is the exact link as in the following comment. Read the response.

    However for 1.8 I ported FocusMovement which is mentioned modern keyboard handling as well as some other fixes to LabyMod 4 waiting for it to be reviewed and added to official addons store

  • LabyMod
    2023-12-14 17:30:48
    Thanks for your report. This bug/suggestion has just been completed. It will be released within one of the upcoming updates.

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