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LabyMod 4 Development Update #2

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As you read this blog article, we continue to work hard to release LabyMod 4 to everyone very soon. Over 2,000 beta testers have already received exclusive access and are actively reporting bugs. Our main task at the moment is to fix many minor bugs and finalize the design. At the same time, we are also working on completely new features, some of which we would like to introduce in this blog article.


There is now a screenshot browser in LabyMod 4, where you can see all the screenshots you have taken in Minecraft, sorted by date. You can also scroll through the timeline super smoothly and view your created screenshots. With just one click you can also upload them to our new laby.net screenshot platform and share them with your friends.

Among other exciting features that will be added to the Screenshot Browser in the future, there will be a display showing who is in the screenshot and what server it was taken on (for screenshots taken with LabyMod 4). In addition, you can also filter by servers or friends.

New Screenshot-Browser in Vanilla Theme

Singleplayer with Friends

You thought that was everything? Definitely not! With this blog article, we introduce you to another brand-new feature of LabyMod 4. You can soon easily invite friends to your singleplayer worlds. You no longer need your own Minecraft server to play together with your friends on the same world. All you have to do is send invitations to selected LabyMod friends. With just one click, they can accept your invitation and access your singleplayer world, which you can then build and explore together.

Invite your friends to a singleplayer world

Optifine & Shaders

Another important addon that many have asked for is Optifine. We are pleased to announce that Optifine, including shaders, is now available with LabyMod 4.

Besides Optifine, many other small addons are being developed for LabyMod 4. Meanwhile, external developers can also use our new addon API and implement their ideas directly into LabyMod 4. Are you interested in developing addons for LabyMod 4? Join our developer discord now!

LabyMod 4 with Optifine and Shader

In the upcoming weeks, we will steadily expand the circle of beta testers and plan to make LabyMod 4 available to everyone soon!