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LabyMod 4 Development Update #3

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By now, more than 5,000 people have access to the LabyMod 4 beta and the group of beta testers is constantly expanding. In the last few weeks, we have focused on fixing bugs and crashes, among other things. Over 250 bugs reported by you have been fixed to prepare LabyMod 4 for public release.

Improved UI

The user interface (UI) has been polished and cleaned up in many places. For example, the LabyMod settings have been reorganized and given new icons for better clarity. Furthermore, the dropdowns have been improved and some animations have been refined.

Minecraft 1.12 and 1.16

In response to many requests, we now also support other Minecraft versions with LabyMod 4. This includes Minecraft 1.12.2 and 1.16.5 in addition to 1.8.9 and the latest versions. Furthermore, of course, the latest Minecraft snapshot version is always available (currently 23w06a).

LabyMod Flux

We decided to move all our performance and rendering optimizations to a separate LabyMod addon called "Flux". This allows us to better avoid incompatibilities with other modifications in general, and still make LabyMod compatible with new Minecraft versions within a few minutes, even if there are changes in rendering.

Flux aims to improve performance and thereby the gaming experience. Many small improvements will increase rendering performance and make playing more enjoyable, especially on weaker devices. For example, Flux optimizes the rendering of blocks and ensures that all currently invisible entities are not rendered, resulting in a higher FPS rate. In addition, Minecraft's lighting system has been improved through various optimizations.

New Spotify Addon

In addition to the already existing features from LabyMod 3 to see your current playing song directly in the game (if desired with album art) and to control the music, there is now a new option with the new Spotify addon in LabyMod 4. You can now share the playing song title with your other players! The song is displayed with album art under your name and is visible to all LabyMod players using the Spotify addon in your area.

Next steps

While most developers continue to take care of bug fixes and Flux, Daniel's next step will be to slightly revise the widget editor again and add some features. The usage should become even more intuitive and the scaling of single widgets will be possible. Nico takes care of the development of addons in parallel and is currently working on the new resourcepack addon.

In the next few days, more applicants will be invited to the beta and, if everything is on schedule, we are aiming for a public release later this spring.