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Ta din Minecraft upplevelse till nästa nivå.

Otrolig prestanda

Freezes, lags, and poor FPS are a thing of the past. With LabyMod you will achieve the best performance and make your game feel smoother than ever before.

  • Enhanced Render Engine

  • Dubblad Prestanda

  • Otroligt Jämnt

300+ FPS
~235 FPS
~200 FPS
~140 FPS

Measured on various multiplayer servers and in singleplayer with default settings on Windows with a Ryzen 9 CPU and an RTX 2080 GPU.

Ditt spel. Din stil.

It's up to you! Switch between a stunning, modern theme in high resolution or the classic and iconic Minecraft style at any time.

Fancy Theme
Classic Theme

Up to date
in a few seconds

We have built LabyMod 4 in a way that it can be updated to new Minecraft versions in seconds. When you see the announcement of a new snapshot, LabyMod may already be available before you even finish reading Mojang's changelog!

At launch, we'll support the following versions:


VoiceChat i Minecraft

Meet new friends or chat with familiar faces - with our VoiceChat you will have even more fun in-game. Our ready-to-go VoiceChat addon can be used on any multiplayer server without any additional setup required.

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Our new Minecraft in-game chat

We've implemented tabs to your Minecraft chat so you can switch between multiple conversations at any time without losing track!

You can also move the chat window freely on your screen without having to open your Minecraft settings.

You can test it out right here

Rich Server List

We've improved the server list so that you can join a game directly without having to enter the lobby first.

Interaktiva Skärmbilder

We've reinvented sharing moments in Minecraft. Explore your memories like never before! With 3D screenshots and automatic player tagging, you can share and enjoy your experiences even better!

Fabric Support

Modding has never been so easy. Use all your favorite mods easily together with LabyMod!


Stay connected with your friends using the LabyMod chat!
We added a server independent chat to Minecraft, so you can find your friends and communicate with other players anywhere and at any time.


No need to restart your game again! Thanks to our integrated account manager you are able to save a lot of time by switching between your Minecraft accounts directly in-game. Convenient, right?


With the LabyMod mobile app, you can easily customize your cosmetics and collect your daily rewards on your phone. Check out which friends are online and the server they are playing on, so you can join them asap!

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Invite Friends to your

single player world!

If you want to play together with your friends, you don't need your own server anymore!

LabyMod Launcher

The new LabyMod Launcher starts much faster and more reliably than the original Minecraft Launcher!

Also it's much cleaner and easier to use. Lauching Minecraft has never been so fast and easy!

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Ingame Skin Browser

With the new ingame skin browser you can manage your Minecraft skin directly in the game!

Besides some settings, you also have access to the huge skin library to browse and apply skins with just one click!


Customize your LabyMod experience with awesome addons!

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Style yourself the way you want!

Fully customizable cosmetics

All our cosmetics are handcrafted with a lot of love and the goal of matching the style of the game perfectly. They’re passionately animated and highly customizable. You can choose between multiple colours to easily match your character's outfit!

Kosmetisk Demo

Download LabyMod 4

Are you convinced? Experience all the features yourself and download LabyMod 4 for free!

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