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Nick Hider

2020-02-13 05:20:26
18 Votes
Nick Hider is a mod where it can remove the usernames and/or names of players. You can make the settings change everybody to the same skin/name, or remove it entirely. Multiple other mainstream clients have this and I feel that it would be a dope addition to LabyMod.

This mod is available just about everywhere.

xVictoriaaa xVictoriaaa Nick hider 2023-12-29 10:41:03
Azurelene Azurelene Nick hider 2021-06-21 08:19:34
Icak Icak Nick Name Hider 2020-06-22 14:25:45


  • LabyMod
    2024-01-03 17:30:51
    Thanks for your report. This bug/suggestion has just been completed. It will be released within one of the upcoming updates.

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