Unable to input Chinese

2023-05-25 04:06:36
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Operating System: Windows 10
LabyMod Version: 4.0.0+758 snapshot/bcf38a
Minecraft Version: 1.19.4
Installed Addons: Directionhud,flux,tnt timer


MingxuanMC MingxuanMC I can't enter Chinese in the input box 2023-07-17 09:27:25
Haylae Haylae Can't input Chinese 2023-07-15 15:27:05
Mares_Cat Mares_Cat some questions 2023-07-14 08:29:51
HePudding HePudding I can’t send Chinese using Microsoft Pinyin input metho 2023-07-14 07:12:19
CloakedBark2419 CloakedBark2419 When support Chinese in chat 2023-07-12 09:11:34
CloakedBark2419 CloakedBark2419 When support Chinese on chat 2023-07-12 09:08:15
xianhongtao xianhongtao Chinese IME not working in Labymod4 2023-07-10 17:04:35
BJ99 BJ99 Can't type Chinese in Ladymod 2023-07-09 15:43:17
MrZ3011 MrZ3011 Can not enter Chinese texts 2023-07-07 16:50:11
darksigmaking darksigmaking Can't use Chinese in the chat in 1.18.2 2023-06-03 08:15:04


  • Shizoukia
    2023-06-02 11:13:48

    English: In versions 1.9+and above, Mojang should have fixed the issue of Chinese input, but 1.19.4 labymod still doesn't work? humm..
    Chinese: 1.9以上麻将应该修复了中文输入把 如果还没起效果不应该把 理论上修改客户端在高版本也应该自动支持中文输入

  • Shizoukia
    2023-06-02 11:15:02

    English: But in version 1.8.9, Chinese input did not work humm..
    Chinese: 但如果你要说1.8.9不起效果那确实有可能humm..

  • LittleChest
    2023-07-14 13:22:26

    English: Install "Fabric Mod Loader" in addon store, and then install "IMBlocker" mod, which can solve the problem that Chinese cannot be input (but it is not perfect, and sometimes it still cannot be input).
    Chinese (Simplified) : 在插件商店中安装“Fabric Mod Loader”,然后安装“IMBlocker”模组,可以解决中文无法输入的问题(但不完美,有时候仍然无法输入)。

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