Server list crash

2023-06-01 22:23:51
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There are actually 2 bugs :
1. The button to change the order from servers (the up one) in the server list is shown while there's only 1 server on the server list...
2. Pressing that button while only 1 server being in the server list causes the game to crash...

Operating System: Windows 10
LabyMod Version: 4.0.0+785 snapshot/8b099be
Minecraft Version: 1.8.9
Installed Addons: Optifine, toggle sneak


  • Robby_
    2023-08-02 12:42:32

    Hi! Unfortunately, we are unsure if this issue still persists. It would be really helpful if you could check if this still occurs in the latest LabyMod 4 Version (4.0.5)

  • pikatntyt
    2023-08-02 12:59:22

    I tried to reproduce the bug, it got fixed at 50% I guess... The game doesn't crash when pressing the up arrow in the server list while only 1 server is in it (2). But it still shows the up arrow even if there is only one server in the list (1).

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