Cosmetic Glowing Effect not working properly

2023-06-02 22:48:52
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The glowing effect of cosmetics isn't working correctly. Compared to LabyMod 3, where the glowing cubes aren't affected by lighting and shading at all, these effects still apply in LabyMod 4. I've added some comparison images with different lighting settings:
You can see the shading exceptionally well in the fullbright version, whereas the overall glowiness, or rather the lack thereof, is particulary visible in the moody version.

Operating System: Windows 10
LabyMod Version: 4.0.0+783 internal/3d5466
Minecraft Version: 1.19.3
Installed Addons: Flux, VC, Fullbright, Spotify, OF, Tags, Badges, Better Perspective, Crosshair, Block Overlay, Chat Utilities


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