Input Prompt Server API feature missing

2023-07-10 13:46:15
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Hi, so I recently discovered a feature that wasn't visible when using LabyMod 4, which is the ability to rename smth through a small textbox as can be seen here in LabyMod 3

But whenever I try to do such thing in LabyMod 4 it denies me to write anything, as it just doesn't open. As this is a danish server I am not certain, what this specifically is, but it could be quite nice being able to use that feature in LabyMod 4 aswell.


  • Androte
    2023-07-10 13:49:38

    The current version being used is LabyMod 3 - 1.8.9 | and LabyMod 4 1.8.9
    Operating System atm is Windows 10 Pro
    Currently I was not using any sort of Addons that could impact the textbox from showing up.

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