Missing Character Limit for Edit Note

2023-09-28 22:57:55
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If a player is entering a super long message into the "Edit Note" Feature in the LabyMod Chat. Then it will be incorrectly displayed as their is no character limit and the "Invite to LAN (ALPHA)" button is getting partially blocked.

Reproduction steps:

  1. Start LabyMod
  2. Go to Options and click on "Chat" at the top
  3. Right click on a chat from any friend
  4. Click on Edit Note
  5. Enter a super long message
  6. Press on Save
  7. Notice that the note message is now incorrectly displayed

Observed result:
The text field for Edit Note has no character limit, causing display issues.

Expected result:
The text field for Edit Note should have a character limit, so no display issues are occurring.


Operating System: Windows 10
LabyMod Version: 4.1.0+924 snapshot/98db8c87
Minecraft Version: 1.20.2
Installed Addons: Flux


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