Executing "/test" command on GommeHD.net changes skin

2023-12-18 09:19:07
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I'm creating this bugreport for LabyMod also, because I'm not sure if this issue is caused by the server GommeHD.net or by LabyMod.

I noticed on the GommeHD server, that a player can execute the command "/test" which does nothing when playing with Vanilla Minecraft. However I noticed, if you would execute the command while playing with LabyMod, that the skin of the player would change.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Launch LabyMod on 1.20.4.
  2. Join the GommeHD.net server.
  3. Execute the command /test
  4. Notice that the skin of the player has changed.

Operating System: Windows 10
LabyMod Version: 4.1.11+1039 snapshot/54a5
Minecraft Version: 1.20.4
Installed Addons: Flux


  • LabyMod
    2023-12-18 16:35:51
    Thanks for your report. This bug/suggestion has just been completed. It will be released within one of the upcoming updates.

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