Linking Bug - SinglePlayer -> DataPacks -> Options

2022-12-20 11:56:27
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Hey, I'm trying to explain the scenario.

If I'm clicking in the Navigation bar on Singleplayer and want to create a new world and selecting "Data Packs" I'm redirecting to "Options" (in the Navigation bar). There I can select my Datapack and if I click on "Done" I go back to Singleplayer world creation.
But if I click then again on "Options" on the Navigation bar I'm still on "Select Data Packs". And if I click on "Done" I go back to Singleplayer world creation and so on.
So I think if I click on "Done" and then I click to "Options" I want to go to the default options menu and not to "Select Data Packs".
The only option is now to go on "Menu" and then to "Options".

I hope you understand my point ^^

Here are my steps. Maybe it is more clearly

Operating System: Windows 10
LabyMod Version: s99/cb2824
Minecraft Version: 1.19.2
Installed Addons: Optifine


  • LabyMod
    2023-08-18 18:45:58
    Thanks for your report. This bug/suggestion has just been completed. It will be released within one of the upcoming updates.

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