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Back to FAQ - How can I add data to my server page?

On you can add data to server pages yourself or change incorrect data!
You can add/edit the following:

  • Background images
  • Logos
  • Icons
  • Wildcards
  • Social media data

All data on comes from our server-media Github Repository.
To edit or add data, please create a pull request.

First you have to fork the repository, then you can add the data. How your files look like and which guidelines they have to follow can be found in our

After that, please create a pull request and we will review the changes. Please continue to actively look at the pull request in order to be able to make possible requested changes! Example pull request:

And, that's it: Ideally, your changes are accepted and remembered - the data will then soon be available on! 💪
If you have any questions, please write to [email protected]!


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