A história do LabyMod



First lines of code

LabyStudio created the first version of LabyMod because there were things he didn’t like in Vanilla Minecraft. He wanted to improve and add features which were missing.


LabyMod 1.0 Release

Just three months after the first lines of code were written, LabyStudio released the first version of LabyMod, including features like a FPS, coordinates and IP display.



Release of LabyMod Capes

Besides OptiFine and Mojang capes, LabyMod released its own capes. At the beginning you could use only certain cape designs.
Side fact: The first users that owned a cape were “LetsBomber”, “Sythey_” and “Proxxi”.


LabyMod 2.0 Release

About four months after the release of LabyMod 1.0, an improved version with new features like the LabyChat, FriendTags, an AFK Timer, even a new website and a logo showing a wolf were created.



LabyMod Wings entered the Shop

After previously only being accessible to a select group of people, the famous LabyWings were available for everyone from then on and allowed users to combine their skins and the cosmetic for a new and original look!


Website relaunch and new logo

Just 14 months after the last logo and website were released LabyMod published a new and modern looking design for either the website and the logo still showing a wolf. Those designs are still the ones in use. The website constantly updates, but it kept its basic style over the time.



LabyMod Merchandise Release

Merchandise was one of the most common requests by fans, so it was no surprise when our first line of merchandise was quickly sold out! We didn't just restock our shirts and hoodies, but also introduced other items over the next years, like the LabyMod cap, the LabyMod LED lamp and the LabyMod advent calendar.


LabyMod 3.0 Release

LabyMod 3.0 was released to beta testers during Gamescom 2017. People who were lucky enough to catch a beta key lanyard could test the new and improved LabyMod before anyone else. And when LabyMod 3.0 eventually released publically, the servers could barely handle the hype!



2,000,000 Users

Three years after the release of LabyMod, we reached the stunning number of two million registered users, which was celebrated with a livestream event, during which we gave away merchandise as well as every cosmetic for a lifetime.


VoiceChat & Emotes

This was one of the biggest updates after the release of LabyMod 3.0 as it didn’t only allow people to talk to each other in groups, but also to play funny emotes like the famous “Infinity Sit”! Funfact: Did you know that the first emotes were created by regular staff members with the use of specifically created tools?



New wings & every cosmetic lifetime

The LabyMod shop received a massive overhaul: not only were many new cosmetics like the Crystal Wings and Steampunk Wings introduced, but users were also able to buy all cosmetics lifetime for the very first time.


First server partner

Finally, at the end of June 2019, the first important server partnerships were established and LabyMod users on Timolia and RewisServer now have special features they can use!


Sticker release

Cool icons and emojis? We also love them so we added our stickers to LabyMod. We released the stickers on our Halloween Event 2019. Many events got their own stickers. By the time we also added sticker packs for the communities of our partners.



3,000,000 Users

It has been over 5 years since LabyStudio wrote the first lines of code and in this time, lots of different features and cosmetics were introduced. In the middle of March 2020, we celebrated the milestone of 3 million users!


LabyMod 5th Birthday & first international application phase

Even though LabyMod is already 5 years old, we won't stop expanding! Together with the anniversary, members of our international community were able to apply as staff members for the first time.


Laby Signature Collection

Many people loved our first merchandise collection. So we released our new Signature Collection containing a new shirt with a simple “LABY” signature. It was the first opportunity to get the Merch Crown again after a long period of time. Many people wanted a “LABY” shirt. The first shirts were sold out after 15 minutes!



4.000.000 Users

Soon after the release of LabyMod 1.16.5, the milestone of 4.000.000 registered users was reached.
To celebrate this, everyone was invited to claim a free partyhat cosmetic and take part in a giveaway for a lifetime cosmetic.

Vamos ver o que o futuro nos trará... Talvez você faça história com a gente?