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LabyMod 4 Development Update #1

Lagt op af LabyMod

The big moment had finally arrived - at Gamescom 2022 we were happy to officially announce LabyMod 4! The interest was huge and we could directly give out several hundred beta keys to you.

The fact that you had to wait a little longer for detailed information about the big LabyMod 3 successor has several reasons. A bit more than a year ago, we decided to completely drop the LabyMod 4 concept we had planned and start from scratch with a new focus and a lot of gathered experience. Our vision of a own Minecraft modding framework was history. Top priority was now to put the user first. The main idea for LabyMod 4 is based on three pillars:

  • We want the best performance - and that in all new Minecraft versions.
  • LabyMod 4 should have a beautiful, unified and customizable look. This includes the intuitive handling of our software and two different and completely consistent designs, which you can choose between at any time (modern or classic).
  • It should be super easy for users as well as developers to extend our modifications

With this blog we want to share with you the development of LabyMod 4 and make our mod together with you to an absolute must-have for Minecraft.

Current tasks

Daniel has spent the past few weeks finalizing the new widget editor, which has been completely rebuilt compared to LabyMod 3 and features a more intuitive design. With smooth animations, a clear window system and many useful widgets that can be easily added to the game screen via drag and drop, the game can be customized in many ways! New LabyMod 4 Widget Editor in Vanilla Theme

Christian is currently working on further improving performance in the Minecraft 1.8 version through some rendering reworks. Minecraft 1.19 already runs very smooth and much better than vanilla and the competition.

Nico, Robin, Julian and Matthis are working together on the list of already known bugs and are making good progress. Niklas, who just joined the LabyMod 4 team, is currently working on the notification system and other small useful features. For example, there is a new feature that allows you to see directly in the server list which friends are currently playing on the different servers. Niklas also takes care of the step by step integration of information from directly into LabyMod 4. New notification system Player heads of your friends on the servers in the server list and quickjoin buttons (Fancy Theme)

Beside the mentioned main focuses and many small improvements, there will not be a lot of new features for the first big release. Rather, with LabyMod 4 we have first of all created an extremely powerful base on which we can build in the coming months with frequent updates and add many more innovative features. This basis includes, for example, our specially developed Minecraft stylesheet language "LSS" (similar to CSS, which is commonly used for websites). With this, both we and external addon developers can design new interfaces and integrate them into LabyMod without much effort. New functions and extensions can be created in almost no time at all. LSS debugging tool for developers using the example of the server list in the Fancy Theme

We want to give you the best Minecraft experience possible with LabyMod 4, so we are working very acurate and carefully on our new product. Therefore, please be patient with us if it may take a little longer than originally planned at some points. The first users already have access to the beta version and are working hard to report bugs. Our 10-person team is doing its best every day and is looking forward to giving many more users access to the beta version very soon - to give you the opportunity to test LabyMod 4 before anyone else!

Bugs, unfinished parts and currently missing features are part of a beta phase. You would help us enormously if you report everything you notice. This way, we can work together to make LabyMod 4 by far the best all-in-one modification for you and let you experience Minecraft in a way you never have before!

Stay tuned!