Porta la tua esperienza di Minecraft su un altro livello.

Scarica LabyMod 4

Con il programma di installazione, LabyMod verrà aggiunto a Minecraft con pochi click. Inoltre, sarà possibile aggiungere altre mod, se lo desideri.

Scarica LabyMod 4 Other

Steve Minecraft Head You need an official Minecraft account to use LabyMod!

LabyMod 4 Changelog

  • Fixed Cannot type anything in server address [1.8.9-1.19.2] (IDEA-13615)
  • Fixed Config is corrupted when the game crashes early (IDEA-13618)

Thanks to Funboyy & Robby_ for reporting all the bugs/suggestions! 💙

  • Added 1.20.2-pre1
  • Added restart button (IDEA-13286)
  • Added Remember server switch combination (IDEA-13334)
  • Added Ability to open user stats webpage in server list (IDEA-13533)
  • Added quickJoinCommand argument for launchers (IDEA-13534)

Performance & Flux

Cosmetic & Emote

  • Fixed Ukulele bug when sneaking (IDEA-13076)
  • Fixed Halo moving with head while Sunbed Emote (IDEA-13299)


  • Fixed Crash when spamming on/off on cosmetics (IDEA-12988)

Friends & Chat

  • Fixed AutoText does not recognize first key (IDEA-11105)

Ingame & World


Minecraft Chat


User Interface

  • Fixed Button are not highlighted while navigating with tab (IDEA-9297)
  • Fixed Double cursor in edit serverinformation (IDEA-12927)
  • Fixed Cosmetics tab issue (IDEA-13521)

Thanks to dergrosehd, Kallecrafter, iowaniklas, KjellDE, uwumello, DevOrange, smilelovecookie, MarkDeEngeMan, RatCake8959, DerPuterich, unordentlich, Foorcee, Gobo9, _ar1s, VacrosDK, Robby_ & Niklas for reporting all the bugs/suggestions!

  • Added Display a how to stop Surfboard Emote Message (IDEA-13074)

Cosmetic & Emote

  • Fixed Cosmetics are not displayed through glass (IDEA-10330)
  • Fixed Cosmetics are see through water. (IDEA-12719)
  • Fixed Cape + Water = Bug (IDEA-10241)

Forge/Fabric Mods

  • Fixed Replaymod and chat (IDEA-13110)
  • Friends & Chat
  • Fixed LabyMod friends "Achievement" pop-up showing up in F1 (IDEA-13040)

Ingame & World

  • Fixed Black screen when playing an emote (IDEA-13424)

Minecraft Chat

  • Fixed rendertype_text overwritten using advanced chat (IDEA-13428)

OptiFine related

Performance & Flux

  • Fixed [Flux] text_display is hidden behind blocks (IDEA-10303)
  • Fixed Glow effect has wrong color (OptiFine & Flux) (IDEA-10786)


  • Fixed [BUG] Broken colours in ESC menu (IDEA-9895)
  • Fixed Fancy Theme: text_display visible from behind (IDEA-10319)
  • Fixed Strikethrough displayed behind text (IDEA-11078)
  • Fixed Minecraft core shader uses wrong z value for scoreboard (IDEA-12323)
  • Fixed tab & chat not showing animations (IDEA-13401)

User Interface

  • Fixed Animated fonts do not work in the player list (IDEA-10700)
  • Fixed Flashing GUI Elements (IDEA-10707)


  • Fixed The last entry in the stack could not be popped normal (IDEA-13480)

Thanks to Bisou, Groogu, iowaniklas, einMaro, nick22985, NotDefone, Celeyne, MisterCore, _ar1s, MrKinau, Tidiness, KilledByLava, Seelenverwandter, LeGiga03, Audiths, Fesa, ColaCinema & OmeJan for reporting all the bugs/suggestions!

Fixed something wrong with language (IDEA-13255) Fixed String.format uses wrong language (IDEA-13365) Fixed last online time not wit English (IDEA-13301) Fixed Crash with invalid options.txt (IDEA-13412) Fixed Incorrect handling of the OpenGL stack [1.8.9-1.12.2] (IDEA-13408) Fixed IllegalStateException: Asking for biomes (MC-261997) (IDEA-13250) Fixed Issues with non-latin letters (IDEA-13417) Fixed Tab list does not show score (IDEA-13405) Fixed Labymod4 crash (IDEA-12830) Fixed Some Binding keys shows the other language keyboard (IDEA-11251)

Thanks to Sfah77, MisterCore, LogischerJonasHD, RappyTV, Fesa, AnkaraView & 6O2 for reporting all the bugs/suggestions!

Added 23w33a (IDEA-13290) Added Optifine Cape Change button (IDEA-10861) Added Input Prompt Server API feature missing (IDEA-12782) Added Favorite chat symbols idea (IDEA-12919)

Improved "Performance" Section in LabyMod Settings (IDEA-13358)

Fixed Spotify Addon Animation (IDEA-10796) Fixed Incorrect handling of the OpenGL stack (IDEA-10615) Fixed Server list crash (IDEA-11575) Fixed Crash when clicking on "Chat" in GUI (IDEA-12899) Fixed Parameter 'directory' is not a directory (IDEA-13025) Fixed In Xaero minimap it is impossible to put Waypoint (IDEA-12335) Fixed Show-me-your-Skin GUI crashes Labymod (IDEA-13052) Fixed Cant disable the recipe book (IDEA-12468) Fixed Armor trim isn't showing up at some times (IDEA-12562) Fixed u can make ur skin nearly invisible in laby mod 4 (IDEA-12863) Fixed Chat Input get deleted if you delete in LabyMod Field (IDEA-10441) Fixed Labymod 4 Advanced damage bug (IDEA-11048) Fixed Linking Bug - SinglePlayer -> DataPacks -> Options (IDEA-9578) Fixed Vanilla Bug: Titles won't be removed upon disconnecting (IDEA-10836) Fixed Smaller MOTD with the fancy design (IDEA-10994) Fixed lava not flowing correctly (IDEA-11338) Fixed Screenshot Entries duplicated (IDEA-11456) Fixed Mouse goes to 2nd screen when changing GUI size. (IDEA-11606) Fixed live server list not working (IDEA-12106) Fixed Server Switch Packet not working (IDEA-12213) Fixed Notification limit ignored (IDEA-12445) Fixed Interactions menu commands are not server-bound (IDEA-12491) Fixed Account-Switcher won't open Microsoft Login-Page (IDEA-12538) Fixed Fancy Font Bug (IDEA-12706) Fixed Highlighting single player world in 1.18 removes text (IDEA-13053) Fixed Deleted screenshots are not removed when deleted (IDEA-13165) Fixed Addon search bar x button not working when switching (IDEA-13248) Fixed Widget Label and Value overlapping (IDEA-10253) Fixed Coordinate widget bug (IDEA-12920) Fixed Updater crashes in 3rd party client (Prism) (IDEA-12223) Fixed Fancy Font (IDEA-12647) Fixed LabyMod doesnt register plugin channel correctly (IDEA-12999) Fixed Crash when using quickPlayMultiplayer argument (IDEA-13118) Fixed Widgets stack on top on reset (IDEA-13254) Fixed Texture packs do not work since the new update (IDEA-13318) Fixed Tablist Lagging (IDEA-12088) Fixed Emote sit Xray glitch (IDEA-13045) Fixed Disabling "Custom Title Screen" causes blackscreen (IDEA-13268) Fixed Changing "Damage Color" resets "Speed" (IDEA-13319) Fixed Addons not loaded (IDEA-13353) Fixed Skin type for the fire hand always changes to "Alex" (IDEA-12091) Fixed AutoText option "Server bound" is case sensitive (IDEA-13374) Fixed Search field has no character limit (IDEA-13377) Fixed Player heads are only Steve and Alex heads! (IDEA-13379) Fixed Notifications are not using Steve Skin (IDEA-13380) Fixed Players not getting removed from Tab (IDEA-13385) Fixed Problem with Tab. (IDEA-13392) Fixed Random crash (IDEA-13395) Fixed BIG Tablist BUG! (IDEA-13373) Fixed AMD native crash when compiling shaders

Thanks to CripeHD, CosmoHDx, el0y, NULLYUKI, IamSchnappi, RappyTV, AgentDolgov, LD007, Funboyy, Kallecrafter, horrortalk, 6O2, CheaterPolska, D151l, MarkDeEngeMan, MisterCore, pikatntyt, snoopti, Chronex, CocoLoco, Miraculixx, Comenheimer, jonez88, CommanderLP9809, CobbleShop, Exbluesion, Trhasm, Celeyne, Androte, nieczuly, MuteBefehl, paavlamat, L3nnart_, leiming2333, liebesschwur & Sfah77 for reporting all the bugs/suggestions!

Fixed Minime Pet floating (IDEA-12971) Fixed Addon Description replaces / by / (IDEA-12964) Fixed AutoText works on Hypixel, although it is forbidden (IDEA-12932) Fixed Middle-clicking on some UI elements opens the browser (IDEA-12918) Fixed User is able to connect to their own running LAN server (IDEA-12911) Fixed Option "Disable Narrator Hotkey" broken (IDEA-12905) Fixed shortcut (IDEA-12898) Fixed F3 flickering (IDEA-12038) Fixed Labymod 4 Crash 1.20 (IDEA-11970) Fixed Cosmetic Glowing Effect not working properly (IDEA-11631) Fixed Unable to input Chinese (IDEA-11390) Fixed unreadable text in minecraft settings (IDEA-9956) Fixed 1.7 Sneak Animation Option Not Working (IDEA-9569) Fixed crash when using OptiFine in 1.20.1 (IDEA-13030) Fixed Labywolf through wall visible (IDEA-10908)

Thanks to LogischerJonasHD, RappyTV, Sfah77, D1manGamer, Das_Profil, Soreax, iCrafter_MC, Proxxi, lanzou3754, IceDreamed, Aone_Hax, MuteBefehl and JoelleForelle for reporting all the bugs/suggestions!

Fixed chat only shows %s (IDEA-12875) Fixed Launcher Crashing on Mac Silicon for 1.12 (IDEA-12419) Fixed Error if u have connection lost (IDEA-12380)

Thanks to CoolesEntlein, AuthenticAnomaly and Aytoon for reporting all the bugs/suggestions!

Fixed LabyMod 4 Scroll Zoom (IDEA-11434) Fixed Component Copy-Click Action not working (IDEA-12791) Fixed Classic PVP | Opening a chest looks like a blockhit (IDEA-12769) Fixed The case of the "None" label differs (IDEA-12768) Fixed Classic PVP | Blocking After Many World Switches (IDEA-12767) Fixed Commandblocks (IDEA-12766) Fixed Server still selected after deletion in server list (IDEA-12742) Fixed Cant hold left click & place blocks (IDEA-12703) Fixed You cant hold left click on the ground & then eat gap (IDEA-12702) Fixed BetterPerspective bug (IDEA-12596) Fixed Sword blocking in recent versions (IDEA-12564) Fixed Random crash (IDEA-12410) Fixed book&quill buttons blinking (IDEA-10963) Fixed Achievement GUI Bug when Transparent Menu enabled (IDEA-9575) Fixed Labymod 4 Instant Crash by joining a Server (IDEA-12857) Fixed Permissions tab on server join not laby.net (IDEA-12868) Fixed Skintexture in Emote UI broken (IDEA-12851) Fixed "Advanced Chat" does not support fallback localizations (IDEA-12870) Fixed Spotify breaks after a few songs (IDEA-12710) Fixed Spotify Addon isn't working (IDEA-12740) Fixed translation issues (1.8.9 & 1.12.2) Fixed a crash caused by potion effects (1.16.5+)

Thanks to RappyTV, Tryfle, Kugelschreibert, tensoy, HKJk13, Super_Crafting, PseudoDiamond, TrainmasterHD, Cryuu, Profxy and Seelenverwandter for reporting all the bugs/suggestions!

Fixed an issue where the configuration of LabyMod would sometimes reset

Improved error handling for IDEA-12410 Fixed Widget editor text (IDEA-12577) Fixed Sword blocking in recent versions (IDEA-12564)

Complete Recode including a completely new UI (Fancy & Vanilla Theme), LabyMod Launcher, better Performance, Dynamic Background, Cosmetic/Emote Dashboard, Skin Browser, new Widget Editor, Screenshot Browser, Invite Friends to Singleplayer, Support for all new Minecraft versions and a lot more.

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LabyMod Launcher Changelog

  • Fixed some cached files redownloading every time
  • Fixed runtime manifests not updating at all
  • Fix launcher error on certain servers for quick launch buttons
  • Improvements for mod management (order addons by name, check if mod is installed, fix IDEA-13391, fix IDEA-13387)
  • Enable Quick Join buttons for quickly joining servers
  • Fixed flickering head (IDEA-13562)
  • Fixed long version names overflow (IDEA-13625)
  • Improve startup speed
  • Fixed Process recognition translations not displayed (IDEA-13505)
  • Added setting to disable the process recognition of LabyMod
  • Added wrong hosts notice (IDEA-13314)
  • Added network debug
  • Added Discord RPC
  • Added Popup when a driver issue is detected
  • Fixed LabyMod Feature Display error (IDEA-13253)
  • Fixed Flux not removable via Launcher
  • Fixed uploading a crash report or log that is too log returns undefined hastebin key
  • Fixed versions not up to date after switching release channel
  • Fixed several unhandled errors

hotfix crash upon launch

  • fixed IDEA-13160
  • fixed issues with the version selector when introducing Minecraft snapshot versions
  • fixed issues on mod management pages
  • updated language files
  • Implement retry machanisms to tackle timeout issues on bad internet connections
  • Fix malformed JSON error
  • Added some secret features
  • Hotfix: JSON parse error on game startup
  • Fix translation loading
  • Change popup style
  • Add custom error handling to authentication
  • Added theme selector on new installs
  • Added launch confirmation toast when multiple instances is activated
  • Added expired state to account manager
  • Force ipv4 if ipv6 not available for network requests
  • Added some keyboard shortcuts (F1 to hide links)
  • Fixed some bugs
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