That includes:

  1. Too loud/disturbing noise:
    Such as any noise used with the intention to annoy others like screaming, music/soundbots, voice distortion etc.
  2. Provocation:
    Such as disrespectful and provocative behaviour towards other users of Voice Chat etc.
  3. Discrimination:
    Such as offending people that identify themselves with another sexual orientation/gender, having a different origin, having another religion or people which get discriminated due to their impairments or for their appearance, etc.
  4. Racism:
    Such as offending players on the basis of/due to ethnicity, skin colour, appearance, etc.
  5. Extremism:
    Such as the propagation of radical phrases, etc.
  6. Advertising:
    Such as excessive and annoying, repetitive promotion etc.
  7. Harassment/Threat:
    Such as consistent teasing, inappropriate sexual comments, threats of violence etc.
  8. Bypassing mutes:
    Such as connecting to Voice Chat with other accounts to bypass a mute etc.
  9. Trading:
    Such as trying to sell or buy/get cosmetics and emotes or other things from other users etc.

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The advice and warnings of any member of the LabyMod staff team must be taken seriously and followed. If a mute is justified from the point of view of a staff member, it will remain valid! Mutes are only resolved in case of absolute misunderstandings. Staff members are not forced to justify themselves for any mutes!