I can no longer access my 2FA codes and backup codes. What can I do?

In general: If you don't have the app or the backup codes when using two-factor authentication, you won't be able to log in. That's also the purpose of 2FA. In the case that you no longer have access to your app, you should always have the backup codes to restore access if necessary. If this is not the case, it is self-inflicted and we can not do anything for you.

However, in exceptional cases we can remove two-factor authentication from the account. To do this, we look at each case carefully. If you have nothing to restore your account access, you can create a request using the form on this page.

I cannot remember my account e-mail and have no access to 2FA or backup codes! What can I do?

In this case, we cannot verify you as the account owner AND you lost important security data. Unfortunately, we cannot do anything for you in this case.

General notice / warning:

In general, it should be noted that everyone is responsible for their own account security. When activating 2FA, we clearly point out that backup codes must be saved. Unfortunately, in many cases, we are therefore not able to help.

I want to recover my account

If you do not want to say exactly, just name the nearest bigger city.
Write us why you can't use the codes and why you can't use your backup codes
The email address must be your account email.